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    Jeff Wall’s 1993 photographic recreation of Hokusai’s classic, A Sudden Gust of Wind (1830-5)

    (Hokusai’s original below)

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    Happy 450th Birthday, Bard!

    April 23, 1564

  3. Hodor.

    — Sylvia Plath (via incorrectsylviaplathquotes)

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    Awwwwwww cutie

    that awkward moment when deadpool is a better person than you because you would have just stole the pizza and not given a fuck

    dead pool isn’t really a villian like, most of his comics  are just being like a slightly mentally challenged selfish 5 year old with an incredibly dirty mind who hits on spiderman all the time and is aware at all times of the forth wall. oh and it is literally impossible to kill him so he gets a bit reckless at times

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    Get to know me meme - [1/5] Favorite Female Characters: Darcy Lewis

    Short but sweet. 

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    Middle Earth has no railings


    Middle Earth needs no railings


    Middle Earth laughs at your OSHA compliance and building safety regulations


    Finally someone said it!

    i would not be able to walk on those paths, i would crawl along them on all fours

    suddenly I understand Gollum

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    #KAYLEE ILU #i could write essays on how great kaylee is and how her love of frilly dresses and strawberries and engines and sex are all totally compatible and awesome #no wrong way to be a girl

    #the women of firefly are so perfect #river: frail unstable genius girl WHO KICKS YOUR ASS #inara; the ‘whore’ who flips on edge everything most’d normally think about a whore and is beautiful inside and out #zoe: fierce warrior and soldier who wants to be a mother someday #WHERE ARE YOUR LADY TROPE GODS NOW???

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    People of Tumblr,

    if you are holding a secret religion based on the characters of firefly, I WANT TO JOIN. That is my thought of the day.


    That’s a thing?? Where do I sign up!?!?